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#UKCoachingAwards Looking at our finalists A new award for 2022… Coaching Po…

#UKCoachingAwards 🏆

Looking at our finalists 🔍

A new award for 2022… Coaching Podcast of the Year! 🎙️

The Locked in Shed snowsports podcast from Richard Barbour boasts 2400 regular listeners, and with guests like renowned skiing coaching expert John Shedden and episodes spanning the art, science and history of snowsports, it’s easy to see why they’ve amassed such a loyal following.

Mary Tweed’s Walking On Air Podcast raises awareness of the growing movement of people taking up Nordic walking; a gentle, full-body technique of walking which can be adapted for both athletes and people with a range of health conditions. With a focus on joy and inclusivity, this show is truly a breath of fresh air.

The Parkour Coach Companion podcast by Sam Coppack – Parkour Coach is the first and most prominent podcast about all things parkour, featuring the origins and growth of the sport, potential growth opportunities and interviews with world-famous parkour competitors Callum Powell and Flynn Disney.

Read more about Locked in Shed, Walking on Air and Parkour Coach Companion – and the profiles of all this year’s finalists – on our website 👉

🎙️ Listen to Locked in Shed:
🎙️ Listen to Walking on Air:
🎙️ Listen to Parkour Coach Companion:


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