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UK Coaching – UK Coaching Week

News | 🗞️ Grassroots coaches are highly valued by the British public show new stats, but concerns from coaches remain says lead body – Majority of Brits believe coaches will help nation become fitter and more active
– 9 in 10 coaches are concerned about the poor mental and physical health of participants Emma Hayes, Chelsea Women’s Head Coach, said: “Coaches play a fundamental role in driving people to be more active and to reap all of the positive physical and mental health benefits that this brings. Elite coaches get a lot of attention, but really, it’s the army of grassroots coaches in communities who are making the biggest difference. That’s why I am happy to show my support for UK Coaching Week and recognise coaching’s importance in helping Britain become a more active nation.” Read the full article ➡️

UK Coaching – UK Coaching Week


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