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TODAY’S THE DAY! Today’s the day you get to breakthrough all those nagging l…

🚀🚀🚀 TODAY’S THE DAY! 🚀🚀🚀

✅ Today’s the day you get to breakthrough all those nagging little self-doubts that are stopping you from being even more awesome!

✅ Today’s the day you get to silence that inner voice that questions everything, making you believe you can’t or shouldn’t (I’m currently envisaging a cartoon bird sitting on my shoulder that I can reach round, grab hold of and tie a knot in its beak 😂).

✅ Today’s the day you get to smash all those destructive questions, like:

➡️ What if I think I have a voice made for radio, can I still be online?

➡️ What if I don’t know enough?

➡️ What if I don’t look the part?

➡️ What if I’m not techy enough?

➡️ What if I’ve never taught online before?

and so much more!

🌈 Today, at 1pm UK, I’ll be hosting Sarah Smith (aka the “Misfit Mentor”) for an EPIC Masterclass: “How To Fight Your Fears Of Being Visible Online So You Can Help More People During COVID”, braodcasting LIVE into the SMARTT® Folks Facebook group

🥴 If you’ve been thinking about, tried a little bit, or doubting your ability to get coaching online, you really can’t afford to miss this training!

❤️ It’s completely FREE, we’ll be offering some awesome freebies to everyone who joins us, and nobody is trying to sell you anything!

👉 So you have no excuses! Get yourself to this EPIC training via the Facebook group – I promise you won’t be disappointed!

👋 Come and join us at

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