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To be continued, by Mitchell Hayward — Whisper Running | Sport Psychology

My name is Mitchell Hayward and I am a runner from Camas, Washington. I started running because of my soccer coach growing up putting me at the midfield position and seeing me being able too run up and down the field nonstop for almost the entire game. He told me to try out running and I would eventually give it a try in 6th grade. At first, I wasn’t anything special, mediocre at best. However, my 7th grade year I for some reason got a lot better than a lot of people with basically no training except basketball conditioning. I made the district meet and even though I placed last in my race, it was the first time I thought to myself that I could become a good runner with some effort behind it.

Throughout my last middle school years and early high school years, I became members of the Evergreen Storm Track Club and the Whisper Running Club. Both of these teams that I was apart of really got me faster and grew my love for the sport so much that it became the sport that I focused on the most throughout all of high school. Before you know it, after a bumpy year of covid and online school, I was a senior getting ready for potentially my last track season.

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