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The Value of Cross-Training — Whisper Running | Sport Psychology

How long does a hi-5 last? A quarter second? If there’s a grip, perhaps a full second or two? The image to the right, between two legendary runners of Whisper, says a thousand words.

As I sought to nerd-up the content for this topic, I began sifting through peer reviewed sources on cross-training for runners, with the intent on highlighting general strength and recovery benefits. Further, I wanted to discuss the enhanced blood flow throughout the skeletal muscles that happens when aqua jogging, done without the impact of actual running, promoting circulation to muscles, tendons, and joints throughout the whole body. In some cases, when we perform deck work while at Propstra, core, hip, ankle, and leg exercises are performed to promote strength and proprioception.

But as a take a step back and look at the image a little closer, the hi-5 is a more telling sign of the comprehensive work we do, not only during cross-training, but throughout our time at Whisper. Danny Barna, a soon to be student at Purdue University, and Cam Lantagne, a sophomore at Whitworth University, connected with a powerful grip and a ton of respect between the two. The work to get to the top only steepens as it closes in, and these two have experienced this crescendo.

In aqua jogging, there are no shin splints or side stitches. Instead, it’s a low-pressure form of training where runners can relax, unwind, work hard in small doses, get to know one another outside of the world of running, and yes, give an occasional hi-5.

Two aqua jogging sessions are scheduled for this summer session, and they are Wednesday, July 27 and Wednesday, August 3, both 6:00-7:30pm. See the Calendar page for aqua jogging details. For the sake of recovery and comradery, I hope to see your kids at the pool this Wednesday!

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