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The Performance Spotlight on Nutritionist & Vitality Coach Camille Gallinger — Sport Psychology Consulting

Who is the Performance Spotlight on?

Today on our Performance Spotlight we had the unique opportunity to meet Certified Nutritionist Camille Gallinger who provides face-to-face, virtual, and online nutrition therapy. Camille helps her clients build energy that translates into vitality (physical and mental power that protects you from breaking down).

What Topics does she covers in the interview?

  1. The importance of understanding “personalized” nutrition- Just because a food is healthy, does not necessarily mean it is healthy for you.

  2. The importance of being able to “connect” with your health care professional on an empathetic level – It is most helpful when a Practitioner can communicate his/her understanding of your health concerns on an empathetic level as it shows passion/understanding and not just knowledge for attaining your goals

  3. The importance of going beyond the symptoms and looking at the root causes of health concerns – We are interested in your lifestyle habits, the effect of your relationships on your health, and the amount of stress in your life. 

Click the video below to hear the full interview where Camille covers a range of topics involving nutrition and diet!

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