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The Curious Case of Black Coffee

It has been a great year for Eat Stop Eat.

Lots of people tried this way of life, and almost as many fell in love with its simplicity and effectiveness.

And, I heard from a lot of people following Eat Stop Eat…

Almost 10,000 emails about Eat Stop Eat, and over 1,000 comments on this blog.

From all of these emails and comments, what I find the most interesting is the number one complaint I get about the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle:

“Do I really have to drink my coffee black??”

This is the biggest push back I get.

I tell people not to eat for 24 hours, to only go to the gym to build muscle, to avoid OCD eating, to avoid doing cardio (unless they enjoy it) and to drink calorie-free beverages like water and black coffee during their fasts…and it’s the black coffee that get people all riled up!

Go Figure.

Interestingly this causes me to ask the following question:

“If it is the caffeine in coffee that we are addicted to…why do we seem to be much more addicted to the cream and sugar than the actual caffeine?”

If the recommendation in Eat Stop Eat was to drink decaf coffee, and that you could have cream and sugar… I doubt anyone would complain.

So here’s my message for today. You are allowed to have vices…we all have them (mine are coffee and ice cream).

We are also allowed to have quirks (I drink apple juice out of a cappuccino cup every makes me feel sophisticated).

The important thing is to recognize the true reason behind our vices and our quirks and to make sure they don’t lead to overeating.

Eat in a way that you enjoy.. but be honest with yourself about the reasons behind your vices and quirks.

This one simple step can help you identify the little things in  your life that cause you to overeat.


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