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Remembering Factors that Bring Focus, Confidence, and Success — Whisper Running | Sport Psychology

Closing ones eyes for a moment and recalling the speed at which runners circled the track, the ease and simplicity of the movements, the push from the coaches and peers, the incessant emotional drive for improvement – remember this! Turning “those feelings” into “these feelings,” into the present moment, as well as adhering to the goals that were set, can reinvigorate ones training appetite, and ultimately, ones drive to perform at the higher levels.

As post-season approaches, it’s important to remember a few key factors that were discussed during Winter Training, which include:

  1. Keep your races varied. Aim to not get pigeon-holed into racing the same events, meet after meet. Runners should race at least four different distances in a single season, all of these distances complimenting one another.

  2. Remember: Speed trickles up! If you want to get faster in the mile, race the 800m. If you want to get faster in the 800m, race the 400m. Stamina (aka, mileage) certainly helps, but there is confidence to be had knowing you can always count on having another gear in a race!

  3. Speaking of mileage. With two to five weeks remaining, adding a little mileage may go against the grain of traditional training, but if a runner stands to gain confidence and fitness with a few added miles in a week, take the confidence!

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