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@pault1984 @liz_burkinshaw @olliejh @CraigABlain @SportsLeadersNW @David_T_Javelin @ColinBennett14 @CoachDeveloper @andy…

@pault1984 @liz_burkinshaw @olliejh @CraigABlain @SportsLeadersNW @David_T_Javelin @ColinBennett14 @CoachDeveloper @andygrantfc @sianfoley @ezmundo @hooperwoman @JonWoodward74 Explore intentions…don’t judge on behaviours.
It’s a variation on a Stephen Covey quote. It’s pretty useful for life in general as well as for #GreatCoaching #UKCLockdownChallenge

Source by Steve McQuaid

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