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Notes for Lake to Bay Volunteers

You do not need to check-in on the day of the race.  Simply arrive at your post a few minutes prior to the designated time and complete your role. 

Waiver: Be sure to have completed the waiver.

Your Time Frame: There are 29 teams on the day of the race, so once 29 teams have passed through your area, you should soon receive a text from the next Exchange Monitor in your segment.  Example: Craig Rounds is Exchange Monitor #2 at Position 5.  Once all teams have pass through his exchange, he will text Daivd and Trish Wilson, who are at Positions 3 and 4.  Craig should also call me, so I have an idea of the number of teams on the course, as well as their locations.  You may use the L2B Exchange Monitor Team Check-Off List to track the teams going through your area.   Volunteer phone numbers can be found on the Volunteer Positions page.  Have this page handy on Saturday.

If you need anything, please text or call me anytime.  I will have water and Gatorade with me along the course and plan to deliver as needed.  Anything else or questions to answer, just ask!

EMERGENCIES: In the case of an emergency, call 9-1-1, then call me (Dave) in case the course needs to be rerouted or the event delayed.  An emergency consists of:

  • A runner getting hit by a vehicle.

  • A medical emergency along the course.

  • A major vehicle accident involving our participants.

An emergency is not:

  • A minor medical emergency (stubbed pinky toe).

  • Locking your keys in the car (it has happened, and thankfully, they did not call me).

  • A fender bender where it does not impede the relay, nor health of the participants.

Exchange Monitors


  • Sandwich/Exchange Boards: Exchange Monitors may pick up the exchange board from my home on Thursday or Friday, or schedule to pick up the board if your child attends a Thursday or Friday practice.  My role on Saturday is to drive the course, remaining 1-2 exchanges ahead of the front runner, and in doing so, I can drop off boards along the course as needed, although I would prefer the Thursday/Friday pick-up to make room in my truck for other supplies.

  • CPR Kits: You will also be provided with a CPR Kit.  Both the CPR Kit and Sandwich Board must be returned to me once your station is complete.  You may drop if off at the finish line area, my home, or with me, somewhere along the course.  It shouldn’t be difficult to find me on Saturday if you prefer the latter.

  • L2B Exchange Monitor Team Check-Off List.  Please return this to me after the race.  If you are unable to be at the finish and cannot find me along the course, you may take a picture of it and send it to me.

 Have fun!  It’s projected to be a warm day, so be sure to have a chair, umbrella, and some good music alongside.  Also, sidewalk chalk is encouraged, as runners enjoy encouraging messages and directional arrows for in-coming and out-going runners.

Be safe, be smart, and have fun! See you at the start/finish!


Dave Caldwell, Race Director

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