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Notes for Lake to Bay Runners — Whisper Running | Sport Psychology

Waiver: Be sure to have completed the waiver.

Abide by pedestrian laws.  This means use crosswalks, and if never cross when the red hand signal is illuminated.  Now, as a runner, I know at least 80% of the crosswalk signals are broken in Vancouver, so go with the green and look all four ways in these cases.  Use common sense and DON’T PLAY FROGGER!

Phone: Every runner should carry a phone with them while they are running their leg.  They should also have all of the phone numbers of each of their teammates and driver(s), as well as my number, saved into their phone.

Reflective Gear: Youth runners are highly encouraged to wear reflective gear while they are running.

Start times have been adjusted.  Please know your team’s name (ask your captain) and see the event information page.

Directional Flagging and Arrows: Know the course!  This cannot be stressed enough – it is always the responsibility of the runner to know the course (Mike).  Most of the course has lawn flags along the way, and you should see a green “Whisper Running Club” or orange “Lake to Bay” flag every ¼-mile.  My goal is to have a flag within eyesight at all times on streets with intersections, so you can see the next a flag on the next block.  However, on trails and roads that are straight forward, you’ll see a flag every ¼-mile, unless there is a junction, in which case you will see a few flags guiding you into a direction.

The course has been flagged and directional arrows are going up on Friday.  Per each leg, here are any updates or important “need to knows” about the course:

  • Leg 1: Straight forward, no changes.

  • Leg 2: Straight forward, no changes.

  • Leg 3: No changes, but lots of turns.  Know the course (Mike).

  • Leg 4: No changes.  See notes on suggested path coming off Burnt Bridge Creek Trail and along Fruit Valley Road.  Parking along Lakeshore (church lot is closed).  Please be careful.

  • Leg 5: Minimal parking at Salmon Creek Trail (west end).  Watch for cars.

  • Leg 6: No changes.

  • Leg 7: No changes.  Parking in small lot along NE 87th Ave. at St. John’s Church.

  • Leg 8: Exchange on Padden Parkway (park at Heritage HS).

  • Leg 9-11: No changes.

  • Leg 12: No changes.  At exchange, watch for really big trucks and remain in vehicle if not running. RUNNERS MUST REMAIN IN THEIR VEHICLE WHILE AT THIS EXCHANGE!!!

  • Leg 13: No changes.

  • Leg 14: No recent changes, but the end is different than 2021 and there is a railroad crossing. Be aware, be patient, and be smart.  Know the route!

  • Leg 15: No changes.

Bathrooms: Port-a-Potties have been provided at Pacific Middle School and the finish.  Bathrooms are also located at parks throughout the course.

Exchange 12: Columbia Vista Corp. 

Be safe, be smart, and have fun! See you at the start/finish!


Dave Caldwell, Race Director

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