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Mental fitness mattters – BelievePerform

In difficult times, mental fitness matters more than ever.

 With economic uncertainty for so many, it’s only natural that people will be worrying about what the future holds, how they’re going to get through each week and what impact this will have on their day-to-day life.

With uncertainty comes worry, stress and angst.

When us humans feel the above emotions and don’t have the mental skills to deal with them, then we feel overwhelmed and that can show up as sadness, anger, or frustration. It doesn’t have to be that way.

For your organisation, it can lead to high absenteeism, more people churn and lower levels of performance.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

We can support well-being and resilience to help people cope and thrive even when the conditions are tough and the outlook uncertain. We can get people ready.

Recognise the stress. Doing that gives you a fighting chance to become mentally fit enough to cope.

You give yourself the chance to recognise your triggers and when you’re not yourself.

You give yourself the chance to do something about it when you realise you have been triggered.

You give yourself the chance to choose life. And to do the things you need to do for yourself, the people you love, and the people who love you.

Simple. Not easy. Far from easy. But totally doable.

Having habits which allow you to cope by growing increased capacity in your brain might just mean you begin to think more clearly, with more lucidity, panic less and develop more practical actions you can take that will help you and those around you.

We all know what the right choices are.

  • Walking until you stop feeling wired.
  • Resting when you’re tired – most things can wait a little.
  • Nourishing yourself properly when you’re hungry.
  • Choosing not to look at that stuff on your phone for a bit.
  • Reading or listening to music to change your state.
  • Deciding how you are going to dress the experience you’re, well, experiencing.

Mental fitness means that you can make those choices when things are a bit tough and life is a way off from being perfect.

That’s why Mental Fitness Matters.

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