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Lamar Jackson’s mysterious ‘cramps’ absence had all of Twitter making poop jokes

Who among us hasn’t had nature call at an inopportune time?

Lamar Jackson momentarily exited the Ravens’ “Monday Night Football” game against the Browns in the third quarter, reportedly because of cramping issues. Twitter suspected otherwise.

I mean, come on. Anyone who’s ever had some suspect fast food during a family road trip knows this trot all too well. Get the hell out of this man’s way, he’s got business to do.

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Of course, Twitter reacted to this footage about as appropriately as a bunch of middle-school boys.

Of course, while Jackson was out, the Browns went for a 2-point conversion. And there were plenty of No. 2 jokes to be had with that.

Jackson eventually returned from his extended stay inside the locker room, and he came back just in time, too, as Trace McSorley injured his knee on the final play before the two-minute warning with Baltimore trailing 35-34. Jackson ran onto the field and threw a 44-yard TD pass on fourth down. After a J.K. Dobbins 2-point run, the Ravens led 42-35.

Of course, many were reminded of Paul Pierce’s famous wheelchair exit from Game 1 of the 2008 NBA Finals in which he almost definitely pooped himself.

Jackson denied these claims, though, adamantly saying, “I didn’t pull a Paul Pierce. I was cramping.”

It seems many aren’t convinced, though, including Jackson’s own teammates, who could be heard calling it “the poop game” during Jackson’s postgame interview.

You have to feel for Jackson. He had an incredible performance to lead Baltimore to the 47-42 victory, yet people are only going to remember it for a suspected quick trip to the bathroom.

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