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It’s Thursday so here is another in depth look at one of the exercises from the …

It’s Thursday so here is another in depth look at one of the exercises from the new rugby union program, this week it is the Front Squat.

A squat is one of the human body’s main movements and is used in every sport in some form. There are many adaptations but my favourite is the front squat.
The front squat allows the lifter to improve core strength and hip mobility by forcing a good body position. A lot of rugby players are lacking in these areas, when was the last time you did frog stretches and hip stretching. Forcing your core to have this extra time under tension will benefit you on the pitch providing more stability in your movements.

How to:
1. Hold the bar with a clean grip slightly wider than shoulder-width. (the bar should be racked on top of the anterior deltoids and clavicles)
2. Place your feet approximately shoulder-width apart, either straight forwards or slightly pointing outwards.
3. Flex your ankle, knees and hip and lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
4. Extend your hips and knees to return to the starting position. (keep your back flat, elbows up and chest high throughout the lift)

Don’t just jump into heavy front squats! Start slowly and get the form correct first. ALSO, you aren’t going to be able front squat the same weight as you can back squat, this isn’t a problem.

Always remember to warm up before completing any training, you will recover quicker and are less at risk of injury during the workout. Download our free mobility warm up guide from the link in our bio!

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