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Internal Pressure vs External Pressure

Internal Pressure vs External Pressure

Pressure is a form of stress, and no one likes stress. However, some stress is good for you. It keeps you motivated, and motivation leads to effort, which leads to success. You can’t succeed without dealing with some amount of stress or pressure. The most successful people don’t just tolerate pressure, they embrace it. They actually turn up the pressure at times to increase their motivation and work ethic. But as you know, there’s only so much pressure and stress a person can take. Eventually, you can burn out from working under too much pressure.

However, there’s a way to thrive under more pressure. The key is to maximize internal pressure and minimize external pressure. Internal pressure is the pressure you put on yourself. It is working towards your own goals, for your own reasons, because you want to. On the other hand, external pressure is the pressure other people put on you. It is working towards a goal for other people’s reasons, to earn their approval, because you feel like you need to. It is much easier to work under internal pressure than it is to work under external pressure. Internal pressure, or intrinsic motivation, gives you great energy to work hard, while also allowing you to perform well in games and maintain your mental health. External pressure, if too high, can overwhelm you and cause you to perform poorly in games and hurt your mental health.

So to increase your motivation, start embracing pressure and demand more of yourself! Always strive for more and never become satisfied! But make sure most of the pressure you feel comes from yourself! You may sense external pressure that other people try to put on you, but don’t let it get to you. Ignore it and only focus on your own self-driven motivation. Put enough internal pressure on yourself that you don’t even need any external pressure to work hard. Demand more of yourself than anyone else could ever demand of you! And always keep this pressure on you so you can maintain your work ethic and success. Remember, as soon as you start getting too satisfied with yourself and feel no internal pressure or stress, then you’ll stop improving. 

However, even with internal pressure, there’s a limit to how much you can take. To prevent yourself from burning out, you sometimes need to take pressure off of yourself and find more balance in life. But once you recover mentally, you should put the pressure back on and continue to work hard!

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