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I’m going to have a guess and say you don’t work on your balance that often? Wel…

I’m going to have a guess and say you don’t work on your balance that often? Well you should!

Improving your balance provides benefits such as reducing the risk of injury and improving your performance. Lets look at 5 reasons why balance work should be in your weekly training.

1️⃣ One goal for many people is to reduce their injuries and risk of injury. For athletes and sportspeople, balance work can lead to a dramatically lower risk of injury. Just one sprained ankle (or 3 in my case) can ruin your season and will set up up for future ankle sprains for life, but regular balance work can decrease the risk by nearly 40%. For elderly people, improved balance could prevent a fall, which is the cause of over 90% of all hip fractures.

2️⃣ Over time certain muscle groups can become dormant so challenging your muscle groups to work together in ways that they haven’t had to before can lead to improved muscle synergy. Re-learning how to synergistically use your muscles will also help towards reduced pain or injuries.

3️⃣ Challenging tasks WILL become easier with improved balance as your body has better control in challenging tasks or exercises. Agility, reaction times, and over performance will also increase in an athlete is working on their balance.

4️⃣ A study showed that when elderly women with poor memory or confusion incorporated balance training, their cognitive ability improved significantly. This hints at the fact that challenging the areas of our brain responsible for balance can actually have benefits on the brain as a whole.

5️⃣ My favourite reason for adding balance work to your training. There is no excuse! Barring a non-weight-bearing status from a physician, there is pretty much no reason you can’t work on your balance. No equipment is required and the level of difficulty is easily scaled. You can also work on it during your daily activity. Practice balancing whilst brushing your teeth or doing the dishes, see how long you can hold it for.

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