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I presume you are already using the best bodyweight exercise to build glute stre…

I presume you are already using the best bodyweight exercise to build glute strength and increase your horizontal power for rugby.

If you aren’t including glute bridges into your program then start! If you are already then it is time to step it up a level. Take a look at why and how to do the hip thrust below.

The hip thrust is more or less a glute bridge however your shoulders are raised and it is usually performed with weight. If you want to increase your power and speed for rugby as well as strength then you simply must be using these. They can also help strengthen and mobilise joints possibly reliving aches and pains.

How to:
1. Sit on the ground with a bench behind you.
2. Bend your knees and plant feet on the ground with a barbell or weight resting below your hips. (have some padding will make this a lot more comfortable)
3. Lean back so your shoulders are on the bench and position the bar above your hips.
4. Drive your hips up lifting the bar. In the top position your knees should be bent at 90° and your shoulders should be near the top of the bench, with your body forming a straight line between them.
5. Pause at the top of the lift and squeeze your glutes, then lower your hips slowly.

Don’t just jump into hip thrust! Start with glute bridges first and get comfortable with doing single leg glute bridges before attempting hip thrusts. Make sure you have at least one of these exercises in your weekly training.

Always remember to warm up before completing any training, you will recover quicker and are less at risk of injury during the workout. Download our free mobility warm up guide from the link in our bio!

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