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How to turn dreams into reality

We all start life as dreamers. Whether we picture our future selves as footballers, film stars or astronauts, we have a natural, effortless ability to transport ourselves into any reality we choose. Then we grow up – and most of us give up.

That’s not entirely our fault. Parents and teachers usually mean well but rarely grasp the power their words have. The world’s most effective dream destroyer is the phrase: ‘You’ll never earn a living doing that…’

Ian Cartabiano is one of the lucky few who slipped through the net. The son of a toy designer father and an artist mother, he once saw his Dad draw a Ferrari Testarossa and promptly started doodling cars for himself – until, aged 12, he knew this was what he wanted to do. Forever.

Thirty years later Cartabiano is still living the dream, having designed many of Toyota and Lexus’s most striking cars of recent years. And I was lucky to speak to him about his creative process, his moments in the Zone and more. Read the full article here.

As part of this interview series, which will continue over the coming months, I also enjoyed having a chat with Lexus sportscar ace Jack Hawksworth (pictured above). He described the work he puts in on visualisation and other techniques to make sure he finds the Zone every time he gets behind the wheel. Read the full article here.

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