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How Exercise Boosts Mood and Energy | Sports Psychology Today

The last thing you think about after a hard workday is probably exercising. However, although it sounds contradictory, regular workouts are proven to boost energy and mood levels. So, this can be your first line of defense against stress and lack of energy. And, here is how it all works.

The science behind it

The science behind it

Exercising affects many chemical processes in our body making us feel positive, happy and energized. Firstly, it boosts levels of endorphins in our body. Those are the hormones that make us move, and make us perform, and be active. Research shows that exercise also helps improve your cardiovascular health. This happens because working out brings more oxygen to your heart and lungs making them stronger. It results in you having more available energy in your body even after a hard day. Another strong point for including exercise in your daily routine is that it increases levels of serotonin as well. As we all know, this is the hormone responsible for feeling good and happy, which means that it improves your mood during the day.

What foods and supplements should you be using?

What foods and supplements should you be using

There is more to this whole process than just exercising and choosing the right ones for boosting your mood and energy. In fact, in many cases, food and supplements are those that allow you to perform the best you can and help you achieve amazing results. With the right amounts of protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, fibers, and vitamins, you can also use some products before, during, and after workouts to improve your performance even more. There is a connection between healthy foods and mood. Bananas, fatty fish, brown rice, and sweet potatoes are all healthy nutritious foods that can boost your energy levels. Not to mention they should be a part of your diet if you are working out daily. 

Water is another essential thing you should incorporate since it affects every process in our body. If you are a sweet tooth, dark chocolate, goji berries, and strawberries are also foods that affect your mood and energy. As for supplementation, caffeine, creatine, or BCAAs are the best supplements you can use before a workout since they are the ones that give you energy. During your workouts, a glutamine supplement will help you make lean muscle and will help them recover by preventing muscle breakdown. Research also shows that glutamine can increase your overall performance. After working out, it is best to use protein to help your muscles grow and recover as well.

What type of exercise should you be doing?

What type of exercise should you be doing

There may be no right answer to this question, as you should be doing any type of exercise that makes you feel good. However, we are going to talk about anaerobic endurance exercises because they give you a burst of energy in a short time interval. One of the most common and best exercises you can do for anaerobic endurance is sprints. This is a great option because you can strengthen your muscles while losing fat at the same time. So, this makes it a perfect exercise for those who are bulking or even preparing for sprints, or marathons. And there is no better way to get that runer’s high! Another great option you can use when you want to spice up your workout routine is HIIT(High-Intensity Interval Training). These include high bursts of energy followed by a short rest period. 

Aside from feeling energized, it has many other health benefits such as stronger muscles, faster fat loss, faster metabolism, and better oxygen consumption. One more anaerobic exercise we are going to mention is cycling. This is a great one since you can also use it at the gym if you can’t bike outside on a daily basis. Aside from a great machine to use when warming up, stationary bikes can also help you strengthen your leg muscles, lose fat, and prepare you for HIIT exercise.

Final thoughts

Final thoughts

We have talked about the specifics of how and why a healthy lifestyle affects our mood. Also, it is important to mention some other aspects you are probably already aware of. Exercise is a great antidepressant since it helps take your mind off of your worries, and it helps you get rid of all the negative energy. It is a great way to fight anxiety, precisely because of the endorphins and serotonin. Working out daily can even help you sleep better, become more social, release the tension, and the best part is that you will be able to see the results after a while. This too serves as a good mood booster since you will gain more confidence and be happier and more positive. You can even use it to treat different kinds of pain and give your body a push that it needs. Start simple and with a few basic exercises if you are a beginner, and watch your body and mind change through the process.


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