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Fall Training and XC Racing Information — Whisper Running | Sport Psychology

Whisper Running’s cross-country season begins on Saturday, September 4 at the Ultimook Race in Tillamok, Oregon. This muddy race is the perfect way to begin the season, which includes up to seven regular season meets in the Portland-metro area, and up to three USATF Junior Olympic meets in Seattle and Lexington, Kentucky! The Whisper team consists of runners between the ages of 10-14 (mostly middle school, but some exceptions may be made for younger runners – talk with Coach Dave). If your child is interested, see our Join the Team page for team participation and fall training. Note: runners do not need to be on the team to participate in fall training.

The objective of Whisper Running is to bring kids together for team participation, develop and hone work ethic, and to create wonderful, long-lasting memories. Money should never be a barrier for sport participation. If your child would like to participate, but family finances are limited, please talk with Coach Dave about options.

FALL TRAINING: Fall training begins on Monday, August 23. See the updated Calendar for training dates, locations, and times. As the school year begins, start times shift from morning to evening, so pay particular attention to the Calendar for these details.

RUNCARD: Because fall training is distance oriented, sprint training will come to a close on Wednesday, August 18 (at the end of Summer Training) and resume in January, when Winter Training begins. Any Runcards purchased for runners participating in the sprint training during the summer will have their Runcard placed on pause until winter.

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