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@Dan_Walker9 @SamHolmshaw_MSc @TomaszWasylik @RJPcoach @Covey_10 @LeeDunneSoccer @edgeofcoaching @BlaineMcKenna77 @DanAb…

@Dan_Walker9 @SamHolmshaw_MSc @TomaszWasylik @RJPcoach @Covey_10 @LeeDunneSoccer @edgeofcoaching @BlaineMcKenna77 @DanAbrahams77 @SeanDye09 @CoachE49147864 @markpaedwards1 Some great suggestions here but if I had to pick my favourite sports/coaching book it would have to be My Turn: Johan Cruyff. I don’t think there is a more revolutionary figure in modern football than this man.

Source by Ishan Agarwal

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