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Consultant Spotlight: Felix — Sport Psychology Consulting

Felix is one of the newest members of The Performance Pursuit, and we thought we would give you a behind the scenes look at who Felix is and let him share his passion about mental performance consulting.

Welcome to the team, Felix!


So Felix…why sport psychology?

For me, I chose to pursue a career in sport psychology because I want to help people get better and continue to be a part of sport–something that I am extremely passionate about.  The importance of this area became more apparent as I have gotten older, so I want to try and help as many young men and women in this area as possible. 

What is your favorite sport to play? What is your favorite sport to watch?

 My favorite sport to play is soccer.  I like it because it is fluid and it requires a whole team effort.  My favorite sport to watch is American football.  While I like to play a sport that is fluid, I believe watching a sport like football where there are intervals is even more suspenseful.  The physicality of the sport is something to behold as well.


Tell us about your absolute favorite moment in your athletic career.

 I believe my favorite moment was having the opportunity to captain my high school soccer team.  It was an opportunity to lead a great group of young men who were all passionate about the same thing, trying to capture that premiership at the end of the season.  I will also remember the bonds we formed.


If you could have lunch with any athlete, who would it be?

 I would like to have lunch with Michael Phelps.  There are many great athletes in the world.  What makes him and the rest of them great fascinates me.  I would like to learn more about Michael Phelps’ work ethic, accomplishments, training, and overall story.


Do you have a favorite mental skill to work on with clients?

I like to work on motivation.  Even though not a mental skill per se, it is an important area to work on.  I believe that if you don’t have a clear motivation for what you do, then you can’t expect to be great at it.


Which skill do YOU need to practice more often?

I need to practice mindfulness more because of my ever-increasing workload.  My life is getting busier by the day, but instead of letting it get the best of me, I want to prepare my mind so that I can overcome, take control of it, and help me be my best from moment-to-moment.


How do you want people to remember you?

 I want people to remember me as someone who is honest, has high integrity, and is positive.  I’m beginning to enjoy life now as I get older because my view on the world has helped me identify what makes me happy and what I need to do to feel that on a consistent basis.

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