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Posts published in “Psychology”

What to do if you didn’t get the A-Level grades you wanted

Falling short of the A-level grades that a student wants can be a frustrating, disheartening, and at times lonely place. Especially if they have worked really hard for the months (and indeed years) leading up to it.

At this time, it can be very difficult for students to pick themselves up and start working on what comes next – but it’s also very necessary.

There is no easy answer or set template to follow. Everyone’s situation is different. But to try to help, we have put together a five-step plan that we know from firsthand experience may offer some help.

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The psychology behind ‘Aha!’ moments

One of the best feelings is when you are struggling to understand a topic and then all of a sudden, it’s as if you found the missing piece to the puzzle and it finally all makes sense.

This “Aha!” moment (also known as the “Eureka” moment) can happen in many different situations, but it is always sudden, unpredictable and causes a lot of joy.

But why and how does it happen? What is the science behind this moment? Well, research suggests that it is all to do with metacognitive prediction errors – let’s take a closer look…

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