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Breaking some COFFEE MYTHS: Does COFFEE stunt child’s growth? NO, NOT AT ALL….

Breaking some COFFEE MYTHS: ☕

👉Does COFFEE stunt child’s growth?
NO, NOT AT ALL. Child’s growth is dependent on overall intake of NUTRIENTS from foods, GENETICS and also how your HORMONES function pre during post puberty. GROWTH HORMONE is the major Hormone that stimulates growth of bones and muscles. Taking growth hormone exogenously (coming from outside) is recommended for children who have growth issues however that call will and should only be taken by your Doctor. Use of Growth Hormone is strictly banned in Sports.
Eat Right, Move Right. Stay Natural!

NO, COFFEE in a limited quantity is not bad for anyone. 2-3 cups a day should be fine. That being said, coffee is acidic in nature so having coffee in large quantities could cause GI problems in some people.
Personally, I’ve consumed more than 6-8 cups of coffee in a day and my body can tolerate it. See for yourself what your tolerance is.

👉Does COFFEE help in fat loss?
YES and No. Caffeine activates lipolysis (fatloss) in the adipocytes (fat cells), inhibits fat gain by inhibiting the expression of lipoprotein lipase (LPL) and therefore diminishes its activity on mature adipocytes. So YES, CAFFEINE helps in fat loss.
That being said, CAFFEINE will not help if the DIET only is poor. 🍗

COFFEE and TEA does contain Tannins (antinutrient) which interrupts with absorption of nutrients. So, DON’T CONSUME COFFEE or TEA POST MEALS.

DM me your questions about COFFEE and I’ll be happy to be part of your HEALTH JOURNEY â˜ș

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Your Fitness Coach,
Shehroz Alam

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