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Another Beginning — Sport Psychology Consulting

Beginnings: the points in time or space at which something starts. It’s a chance to feel refreshed; revitalized. We use “beginnings” as opportunities for betterment (i.e. New Year, new week, new job – who dis?). With the beginning of another month looming in the very near future, I am reminded how fast this year is flying by – didn’t it just start? Apparently not because August here and 2017 is well over halfway gone. Before the panic from that realization sets in, let’s zoom back in to the month of August. It’s here whether we like it or not so what can we do to maximize our life during this one particular month with the use of this one particular “beginning”?

1.    Reflect.

Beginnings also mean endings. What happened this past month that you’re proud of? You did something well. You did something significant. What was it? Why is it important to you? Maybe you finally cleaned out that closet that you’ve walked by for the past 3 months planning on “getting around to it” when you have time. Maybe you nailed a job interview. Maybe you took some time for yourself and went on a trip or did something strictly for fun. Good for you! I’m proud of you. And if it’s crossing your mind right now then chance are you’re already proud of yourself. Don’t forget to celebrate that accomplishment.

2.    Something proven.

What’s worked for you historically? Pick something that you do, like to do, are good at, improves your life. Schedule it out and hold yourself accountable for either continuing that habit or repeating it until it becomes habit. It could be something as simple as flossing your teeth. Maintain your good, healthy, life-improving habits.

3.    Something new.

Take a minute and think about something that you want to START doing. It could be something that you’ve tried before but didn’t see through, or something that you’ve heard of others doing and want to try it out. Once you’ve decided on the habit, consider how it realistically fits into your schedule and then plan it out. Make a pact with yourself to carry it out and plan specific ways to hold yourself accountable – maybe recruit a friend to join you or set reminders on your phone. Whatever you need to do to stick with it long enough to know if it’s something that you want to continue long-term.

So let’s make the most of the month of August together. Tomorrow is the beginning & the “end” is up to you.

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