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An Assortment of Drills

Cues per drill:

  • Anklings – aim to create vertical circles. The foot should step over the opposite shoe. Think “small high knees.” Common mistake: ovals instead of circles. Ovals are typically performed slower, and we are aiming for quick feet (like hot potato).

  • Calflings – slightly larger vertical circles, with the instep of the shoe passing by the large part of the gastrocnemius (calf) muscle.

  • A-Skip – be sure to lean from the ankles. Often, athletes will bring the chest toward the knee. Rather, aim to bring the knees upward, while the chest and shoulders remain tall and relaxed.

  • A-Skip w/Shoe Tap –

  • B-Skip – for beginners, encourage an audible “Slow, Slow, Go” to enhance learning.

  • C-Skip – for beginners, try two high knee skips with one leg, then the opposite leg (two high knees). Both, the knee comes forward (twice). Once the athlete has executed the drill well, then the first skip may come forward, while the second is performed toward the outside.

  • Open The Gate – when the action leg lands, encourage an audible “1, 2-3” to promote learning.

  • Close The Gate – the same pattern, “1, 2-3” can be practiced along with the action of the movement.

  • Lateral Shuffles – encourage the windmill for a bit more plyometric action.

  • Karaoke Straight Legged – hip rotation around the spine promotes trunk flexibility, and the drill is also a great core warm-up.

  • Karaoke High Knee – again, think hip rotation, where the pelvis rotates around the spine.

  • Straight Legged Bounds – consider doubling the drill distance to allow time to gather speed for this drill.

  • Frankenstein – warm-up well before performing. This is a ballistic drill and should be performed cautiously when not warmed-up or in colder environments.

  • Alternating Quick Step – again, be sure the knee lifts up on the quick step, while the chest and shoulders remain tall and relaxed.

  • Butt Kicks – be quick.

  • High Knees – be quicker.

  • Lunges – possibly the best stretch in the whole wide world (when performed optimally).

  • Lunge w/Twist – lunge, then twist, then unwind, then progress into the next lunge.

  • 3-Legged Giraffe – lifting leg should be in-line with upper body.

  • Knee Hugs – hug and lift the knee (from shin).

  • Quad Stretch – stretching quad with same-side hand.

  • Table Tops – hold (3-5s) and feel the goodness. Great for balance.

  • Grave Diggers – easiest and most fulfilling stretch.

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