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@ajthorleyhulme @FdArmyComdSM @SEAC_Defence @RLCCorpsSM @AGCSgtMaj @3UKDivComdSM @CorpsSM @ArmySgtMajor Quite a few usef…

@ajthorleyhulme @FdArmyComdSM @SEAC_Defence @RLCCorpsSM @AGCSgtMaj @3UKDivComdSM @CorpsSM @ArmySgtMajor Quite a few useful courses such as:
Chartered Manager status
Bike maintenance
Sports coaching

Niche and unusual:
Iron sculpting
Caricature drawing
Wine tasting

Other educators, what have you seen signed off?@ArmyEdu @ArmyEducators @ets_south

Source by CO_ETS(N)

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