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Aids to Increase Concentration | The Sports Mind Training

is defined as being able to focus the mind on a thing and hold it steadily
there without letting it wander.

Our thoughts are scattered all
over the place, they are very weak because they are scattered. We have to learn
the techniques to be able to stop our thoughts from wandering.

are those techniques?


is achieved with proper effort invested into learning how to concentrate.

does a child learn to walk, run etc. The child try’s and try’s and try’s again
and again. First she learns to crawls, then she with the help of some support (
like a table or a wall) or with someone’s assistance learns to stand, then she
learns to walk , then finally she runs.

how did you learn cycling, with practice, falling, practice, falling. Till
finally you were able to cycle.

By actually doing that activity you learn that activity. (SEE CONCENTRATION)

So too concentration can be perfected
only by trying to concentrate at every chance you get, on every topic or area
that needs concentrating upon.

So, when we say proper effort, it means sustained effort for a long period of time till that skill is achieved. Concentration is a skill. (SEE MEDITATION)


 A change in one’s
attitude, even in the smallest degree, improves one’s sports performance.

Once you have started working upon your attitude, you have
started a different journey.

Proper attitude is what distinguishes the winners from the also-rans. It’s not the technical skill of the sport that gets you the success. It’s the attitude.

attitude through knowledge can be changed from mechanically doing your daily
routine to thoroughly enjoying each and every moment. This attitude is not
something successful sports persons are born with, they through mind training
work upon it for years and that is what differentiates them from the also rans.

proper attitude is equally important along with proper effort.

do we develop this attitude?

attitude is developed when you do any action for a higher cause beyond one’s
selfish requirements.

of working for selfish requirements of name, fame, money and power, if one
starts working for a higher cause, such as working with an attitude that this
would help the city or the country or humanity or for those who are spiritually
inclined the Universe. Then that becomes an effort backed with proper attitude.

In fact
with proper effort backed by proper attitude, we will achieve greatness for the
country etc. (the higher cause), incidentally name, fame, money and power would
also be achieved, but they would be as a bye product. That is the amazing truth!

The secret of all successful human

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