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A trip to run with Danny! — Whisper Running | Sport Psychology

It’ll be two years in August since the last time I worked with Danny. At the conclusion of the 2019 Summer Training session, he, along with his mother, Sarah, and father, Jon, packed up and moved to Moorhead, Minnesota. Danny is missed by his teammates and is often thought of when reminiscing.

I was fortunate to travel to his new hometown of Moorhead this past weekend to run the 10k event, which is part of the Fargo Marathon weekend in Fargo, North Dakota. Separated by the Red River, one could throw a rock from Fargo and land it on the shore of Moorhead. Conveniently, the marathon course travels in front of Danny’s home, which made it the perfect place to cheer on the runners as they finished their 26.2 mile trek, doing so after running our own 10k.

The trip was quick, only a three night stay, but the time was filled with long talks at the dinner table, walks at a nearby park, bowling at the timeless Sunset Lanes, ice cream stops, and so much more. Thankfully, the Coomber’s have family in the Pacific NW and plan to make semi-frequent post-COVID family visits, so we will certainly meet again. Until that time comes, let the following video remind you of the connections possible through running, as well as the sense of normalcy and thankfulness it may unveil.

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