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4 Ways to Cultivate Patience — Sport Psychology Consulting

Patience is not technically a sport and performance psychology skill, but it should be. 




…  in getting to a long-term goal whether in sport, educational, or professional life. 


… in reaching an exercise, weight-related, or performance number.


… in buying a house, finding a significant other, or for a child to reach a milestone. 


… in putting a sport psychology skill into practice.



One of the misconceptions about sport psychology skills is that it’s a quick fix. Just like any work you do in the gym, it takes time to see progress. Same with sport psychology skills. Time, effort, and patience are necessary to see the skills come to life and be used effectively.


If you are anything like me and many people I know, patience does not come easy in a world of instant gratification. So how do we cultivate patience? 


1.     Reminder that good things take time. Thinking back, how many achievements have you reached that took time to accomplish? Probably most, if not all. Knowing that throughout the process you have the ability to fine tune other skills in addition to patience.


2.     Keep your inspiration close. Whatever inspires you, whether a family member, a favorite hobby, or simply a quote, keep it close- especially for the long haul. 


3.     Seeing progress throughout. Giving yourself some praise for small milestones on the way to bigger ones as well as coming back from setbacks can help you stay patient. 


4.     Know that frustration is a true test of your patience. Most things do not come easy. Whether it is a small or large obstacle, patience through frustration will bring more enjoyment to the process as well as test yourself in ways that will help you grow as a person. 



Caution: We would not advise you to tell someone to “be patient,” it usually doesn’t go well! More of a self-improvement thing.

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