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Miami and the Fast Growing Daisy Mae

Hormones are powerful.

I left Daisy, my 4 month old yellow lab, for a week.

I came back and she’s so much taller, faster, and stronger.

She’s losing her puppy fat… it might be time to give her more peanut butter.

Daisy spent the weekend playing at a kennel, and I’m wondering if she did nothing but sprints, squats, and push presses. 😉

While she was playing, I was down in Miami working, and then playing too.

After the Masterminding on Friday, I had dinner at Strip Steak in the Fontainebleau Hotel. The brussel sprouts were great, but my steak was just ok… grizzly.

The next day I walked 8 miles (four miles to dinner and four miles home). I had a great stick at Prime 112, and tight calves the next day. But that’s alright, it was just upper body workout day:

1a) Face Pull

1b) 1-Arm KB Press

2a) DB Chest Press

2b) Mobility

3a) Triceps

3b) Lower body stretching

Then it was a flight home and some time with Daisy.

Today, after a long walk with her and some playing in the backyard, I did:

1a) KB Swings

1b) Mobility

2a) Deadlift

2b) Mobility

That’s it.

Short workouts, but fun.

Back to Toronto on Wednesday.

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