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Can You Give Athletes Confidence?

I was recently interviewing a coach about mental toughness. One of the things he said really stuck with me. He said:

“How do you make somebody confident? How do you give an athlete confidence as a coach?  That’s the million dollar question.”

I’ve got a very simple answer: You can’t.

As a coach you can’t give somebody confidence. However, you can give somebody tools so they can boost their own confidence

I find that most athletes believe that it is the coach’s responsibility to give them confidence – as if the coach has some kind of magic confidence pixy dust that they can sprinkle on their athletes.

To my knowledge, this hasn’t been created (…unless you go onto Pinterest and purchase an excessive amount of glitter).

What athletes may not understand is that their confidence is completely within their own control. One of the most effective things I’ve found is to teach them that there are actually 9 different areas where athletes can draw their confidence from.

Interested in what learning what these are?

Download a free sample from my coach’s manual: Crack the Confidence Code.

In this free sample you will receive an easy-to-follow guide, printable handouts, discussion questions, and step-by-step directions to facilitate this conversation with your athletes.

I want a free sample!

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